Our specialist knowledge is based on long-term experience, a high degree of specialisation and intensive in-house exchange of experience.

Scientific and engineering training allows the attorneys to rapidly acquire access even to technically demanding new developments.  We are experienced in wording complex connections so clearly that they become understandable to legal experts but at the same time remain understandable to technicians.  Additionally, we understand how to prepare patent and utility model applications such that they provide protection tailored specifically for our clients.

Because of our experience in international and overseas patent law, we can adapt patent applications to the most important formal requirements overseas from the start, in order to facilitate later overseas applications and to limit their costs.  This also applies to drawings prepared by the in-house draftswoman.

Our broad experience in particularly demanding trademark and design matters with an international focus is shown by the statistics: for example, we manage as many community designs and as many international trademarks extending to the USA or Japan as do only few other firms in Germany.

All the partners are experienced in infringement matters.  Not only is this a prerequisite for proper conduct of the proceedings, it also means, even during application, that possible circumvention strategies by imitators and the eventuality of possible later infringement proceedings can be borne in mind, thus optimising protection.

Our expertise in cross-border agreements is based, for example, on the fact that one partner worked as an attorney in London for a year.  All the partners have a fluent command of the English language including the special legal terminology.  It is of benefit to agreements relating to technical matters that all the partners, especially also the patent attorneys, have a large amount of legal agreement experience, so that legal and technical understanding can be provided from one source.

We have contributed to the formation of the law in our special areas by publications and committee activities.






Patent law, including international patent law, is a focus of our work.


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