Our goal is to know the interests of our clients and to implement them as well as possible and to thus meet their high expectations for long-term cooperation.

The instructions are processed by the partners and they are not, for example, processed independently by employees or freelancers.

We take care to have precise knowledge of our clients, for example their internal business structure, people, products, developments and market conditions.

We place great emphasis on comprehensively and understandably presenting decision alternatives and their opportunities and risks in such a way that the client can make a business decision.  We avoid a mere “not possible”, but attempt to show alternatives.

Cooperation within the firm is particularly close.  For example, this is especially important in patent infringement matters because of their complexity.  Because of the close proximity within our practice, it is possible to exchange information more smoothly than is often the case with cooperation between attorneys of different firms.

We are conscious of the fact that in contentious disputes, interests and emotions and also opportunities and risks can be very different: court proceedings are sometimes necessary for consistent law enforcement; however, we aim to avoid superfluous disputes.  Our aim is to recognise as early as possible the special features of the respective case and the precise set of interests and to direct the advice accordingly.  Even if court proceedings can sometimes not be avoided, at each stage of the proceedings we aim to consider the possibility of an amicable agreement if this is in the client’s interest.  As a rule, companies have better things to do than to spend years of dispute in court.






Advice is a central service of our attorney work.


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